We take your health and comfort seriously. We’re an American company selling American made products that you can trust and have been selling walk-in tubs for over 10 years. We can help you pick the right walk-in tub for your home and budget and provide you with a hassle free installation. Just contact us and you’ll see how helpful and caring we are. At LifeTub, our mission is simple. We’re here to help you keep or get back your independance by making bathing a safe and relaxing activity.

Choose the LifeTub for the Best Walk-in Tub Experience You Can Buy

From our Phoenix, Arizona facility we make the best walk in bathtubs available today. Created with both safety and comfort in mind, every walk in tub we sell goes through a thorough 8 step manufacturing and testing process to make sure our walk in tubs are of the highest quality.



Here’s How Your Walk in Bathtub Will Be Made

First we create a mold based on the model tub you have selected

Next, we solder and stress test the stainless steel frame

Then we lay fiberglass over the mold and around the frame

Now we cover the fiberglass with a gel coat

After drying and curing the fiberglass, we remove the tub from the mold

Now the tub is ready to be polished. Let's make it beautiful!

Next we attach the water-tight door, seal, and hinge

Next we install the water controls and any accessories you ordered

The final step is our 19 point quality and safety inspection

That’s it! Now your walk-in tub is ready to be prepared for shipping so one of our friendly, knowledgeable installers and put your new tub in your home.

Don’t forget, ALL our walk-in tubs provide stress relief and soothe aching muscles!

Health & Wellness Benefits

Improve Circulation

Your skin’s capillaries will open in response to the warm, relaxing water while taking a bath in your walk in tub. This causes an increase in both blood flow and oxygen, helping to rid your body of toxins while also improving your digestion.

Reduce Stress

The combination of a comfortable seated position, warm water, and relaxing massage action in our walk in bathtubs will let you soak your troubles away causing your body to release more endorphins helping you feel less pain and stress.

Ease Muscle Pain

Whether you want to massage your whole body or concentrate on specific areas, our walk in tubs offer both water and air massage options. Enjoy therapeutic hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home and relieve muscle and other aches and pains.

Heighten Restful Sleep

If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep and get high quality restful sleep as you get older, you will notice a huge improvement by taking advantage of your walk-in bath tub.  Take a bath shortly before bed and drift off to dreamland afterwards.

Lessen Arthritis & Pain

According to recommendations from the National Arthritis Foundation, soaking and relaxing in a warm bath can reduce the painful effects of arthritis and chronic joint pain and our walk in tubs make the perfect choice to do this.

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